I'm not so upset anymore...

6:18 p.m., October 01, 2009

Right now I am...

FEELING: The current mood of centaurlord@yahoo.com at www.imood.com

EATING: nothing.

WEARING: Jeans and my ozzy shirt

HEARING: My loud ass computer fans

THINKING: I wish Suji would hurry and get here...



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I am less upset about not passing my test. I know I will just have to redo a month's worth of studying and try again. I will get it and pass all 4 tests eventually. The faster I get it done the better off I will be in the future. More options will open when I get my CPA.

I always wish I would have the motivation to sit down and write the rest of the book I started years ago. I'm not sure the reasoning behind why I want to finsh it. I don't think it would get published and I doubt I would have anyone read it. It kinda seems like I want to write something just so I have something I would like to read. Who knows...

Work is going ok. I don't have enough to do all the time, so I just sit there and read what ever accounting information i can find. A lot of the stuff I am reading is just the same stuff I know and I'm not at the level where I can be using this knowledge to help people plan for their taxes.

Suji is out with some friends tonight so I get to do what ever I want which is... NOTHING. But I really should do something since I don't feel like spending my weekend cleaning. But whatever it will get done somehow.

I'm probably going to go play video games until 9 then go to bed.

For the record... Blah
Off the record... Yep
For the record... I have been listening to David Bowie on random for the past three days at work.
Off the record... This has been a good week listening to David Bowie. I love him.

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